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Debt Collection Software

Our successful debt collection management software system starts with the best custom software application available to keep detailed track of your accounts. This is no out of the box disc we uploaded onto our desktop like others, but a true web based custom platform, specifically designed for us with our management and legal requirements built in. This makes our system portable, allowing us to work anywhere, including in the courts.

So with a click, we know and can tell you everything that has been done and collected on a particular debtor, including ongoing interest calculations specific to your accounts.

We collect, correlate and corroborate vital information on debtors to best find and attach assets to satisfy debt.

This system was custom made and all of the functionality was culled from our years of experience in the field. To be effective in the Debt collection sector it must be done in a methodical fashion, with meticulous attention to the laws governing this activity in the State of Rhode Island.