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A Rhode Island Law Firm - Debt Collection Services Since 1993

If you have a debtor located in the State of Rhode Island then you need RI Collect. We are a Rhode Island law firm that specializes in debt collection service. We are your one stop debt collection office. We are a collection agency, with pre-litigation methods and a law firm to file suit and attach your assets.

We Handle the Debtor

We Provide Detailed Reports

We Only Get Paid, if We Collect

We Know RI Debt Law

We Handle the entire process

From initial contact with your debtors to post-judgment attachment, we handle it all. We notify the debtor that we represent you in this collection, we follow up with a warning of the consequences of going to court and then, if necessary, we file suit.

Once we get a judgment, we attach assets, such as bank accounts, wages, property, equipment and real estate to satisfy the debt and get you paid.