Law Office of Diana E. Pearson

A Rhode Island Law Firm - Assisting Clients Since 1993

Our Company

We specialize in debt collection, offering comprehensive debt recovery services to serve as your one-stop solution.

Diana serves as the licensed attorney, handling all litigation. Allison contributes her extensive background in business and management, coupled with years of experience in office management within medical and legal settings. The team also includes members specializing in asset location, file management, payment tracking, and compliance, each bringing their unique skills to the table.

We possess the capacity to swiftly and efficiently handle substantial volumes of collection accounts, yet maintain a size that allows us to personally address any questions you may have.

Professional Results

We adhere to state and federal regulations when collecting debts, tailoring our approach based on whether the account involves an individual consumer or a commercial debtor. Our practices are also guided by professional ethics.

Our contact with debtors is carefully limited, focusing on essential information verification, including location, employment, and assets. Additionally, we utilize credit reports to locate and assess the assets of debtors who may be challenging to trace.